Cooperation with space in mind

Date of publication: September 2019

This cooperation is ... space!

A significant extension of design and construction activities are the advantages of cooperation between Thorium Space - a company creating innovative solutions for the space industry and ANSYS - a global leader on the engineering simulation market.

Thorium Space is a designer and constructor of an innovative flat antenna designed for unique transceiver bands, enabling electronic beam control and faster data transmission than currently offered on the market. The company's mission is to design innovative technological solutions in the field of constructing space vehicles and intelligent matrix antennas applicable in the space industry and the defense sector.

The Thorium Space company was established in 2017 in Wrocław, and its founder is Paweł Rymaszewski - an expert in the field of space engineering, a specialist with 20 years of experience in the space and defense industries. He co-created many space projects and innovative solutions in the field of physics, microelectronics and microwave systems. The company is made up of an interdisciplinary team of several space technology engineers and specialists in related fields.

To significantly expand its operations, the company started cooperation with ANSYS, thus Thorium Space is a member of the ANSYS Startup Program. It is a global leader in the engineering simulation market, which only works with the most innovative companies in the world.

- Everyone who has ever seen the launch of a rocket, flew by plane, drove a car, used a computer or smartphone or even crossed the bridge, most likely used products that were created using ANSYS software - says Paweł Rymaszewski. - The engineering solutions they offer help create the most complex design issues. That is why we decided on this cooperation. I think that its effects will be really impressive and will allow us to introduce many innovations, including in the space industry.

The Thorium Space project, implemented thanks to ANSYS software, aims to develop an innovative satellite transceiver operating in the E band.

- The idea for this project results from the market demand - says Paweł Rymaszewski. - It is dictated by the visible trend of miniaturization of the satellite industry equipment and the need to increase the maximum data transmission rates offered by satellite service providers. We intend to develop the construction of a complete E-band satellite transponder with an electronically controlled multi-beam antenna on board.

Thanks to the solutions offered by ANSYS, Thorium Space has access to such simulations that are needed at subsequent design stages. The company decided to choose the HFSS module for electromagnetic simulations. In particular, a useful option is the automatic creation of a finite antenna matrix and speeding up their calculations.

- Product development using ANSYS engineering simulations provides a completely new quality - says Paweł Rymaszewski. - Allows you to use the unparalleled possibilities of software that is characterized by scalability, a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach and adaptive architecture. This distinguishes them from other CAE tools. This allows you to get added value while ensuring reliability and innovation. Instead, it reduces physical obstacles by simulating tests that would otherwise be impossible to perform.

Thorium Space uses ANSYS engineering simulation software to predict how the product will behave in real conditions before it is created. Such solutions are perfect for the aviation, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, materials, chemical and process engineering, medical or sports industries. ANSYS clients design new rockets for the conquest of space, autonomous vehicles, advanced medical implants, supersonic trains, increasingly efficient wind turbines and solar panels, electronics, computers and embedded software for devices from the Internet of Things.

ANSYS software covers the whole range of physical phenomena, so no design challenge is beyond the capabilities of the software. It not only increases productivity, but also drives innovation. Reduces or eliminates physical restrictions by conducting tests that would not otherwise be possible. It also allows engineers to check alternative solutions to a given problem in order to find the optimal one. Cooperation between Thorium Space and ANSYS Startup The program offers endless possibilities - checking thousands of solutions at the same time what is needed to build one prototype becomes achievable.

Did you know ...

Over 40,000 customers around the world use ANSYS software, including 96 out of the 100 most industrial companies on the FORTUNE 500 list.