Research project

Multi Beam E-Band AESA Transpoder

At Thorium Space, we design innovative solutions in the field of space telecommunications on a global scale. As part of the NCBiR project, we are focused on creating a transponder and an E-band antenna that would allow increasing the transmission speed towards Satellite-Earth and Satellite-Satellite. High frequencies in the 60-90 GHz range were rarely used until recently due to the need for very complicated technologies. Our competences and international partnerships have enabled us to develop a solution that will become attractive in the near future, even on small satellite platforms. By using advanced MMIC circuits, we will be able to create a miniature antenna with an electrically controlled beam, whose parameters will be comparable or better with the large and heavy systems on the market today chosen by the largest satellite operators.

Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020
Priority Axis: Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises
Action 1.1. : Enterprise B+R projects
Subactivity 1.1.1.: Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises
Beneficiary's name: Thorium Space Technology Sp. z o.o. (formerly Rymsat Sp. z o.o.)
Project title: Multi Beam E-Band AESA Transponder
The main goal of the project: Development of an innovative transceiver that, together with satellite architecture, will be launched into the low orbit of the Earth.
Project deadline: 01.02.2018r  -  30.11.2020r (+3 months in accordance with the annex to the co-financing agreement)
Project value: 13 272 694,03PLN
European Union participation: 9 655 821,08PLN

Flat Panel Active Antenna for Ka-Band

The aim of the project is to develop a flat panel active antenna for Ka-band.

Thorium Space is developing a flat panel active antenna which will be used as a terrestrial terminal for space telecommunications systems as Satcom on The Move. The antenna will be very low profile, lighter, and smaller than other solutions available on the market. Thanks to the use of modern technology it will improve the end-user experience. By using our antenna, it will be possible to reduce the costs associated with both the production and maintenance operations of the entire system.

The project is developed with ABAN funding which operates within Operational Programme Smart Growth (BRIdge Alfa Programme)
Project budget: 1,000,000.00 PLN, EU funding: 800,000.00 PLN.