We intend to establish new standards in space communications, small satellite designs, and data processing capacity. We redefine the future of satellite communications. As a result of using innovative proprietary technologies and knowledge, our satellites and satellite modules will provide unparalleled performance to our customers, with increased reliability and life time, and decreased costs of manufacture and operation.

Paweł Rymaszewski CEO


By use of the knowledge and experience of our team of exceptional people and scientists, having the experience in building and operating GEO satellites and military radars, we have created a theoretical model, which then was verified by simulations of actual operating conditions, of innovative satellite transponder, which uses a very high E bandwidth frequencies (70-90 GHz) and active electronic-scanning array antennas (which we called Multi Beam E-Band AESA Transponder).


The Thorium Space team is a group of enthusiasts and scientists being experts in their areas of operation, brought together by the dream and vision of its founder, Paweł Rymaszewski, CEO: contribution to development of world's market of space technologies and radio transmission.

Pawel Rymaszewski2

Paweł Rymaszewski

Visionary with 20 years of experience in Space and defence industry. Co-creator and designer of many space projects and innovative solutions from physics, microelectronics and microwave circuits. Founder of Thorium Space Technology.
Natalia Pyka2

Natalia Pyka
Embedded Software Developer

Natalia has over 5 years' experience in creating software for embedded systems.
Przemyslaw Szecowka2

Przemysław Szecówka
Senior FPGA Developer

Przemysław is an expert in electronics and control devices, and a programmer. He has over 20 years' experience in FPGA programming, telecommunications, and increased-reliability electronics intended to work in difficult conditions.
Michal Fraszek2

Michał Fraszek
Embedded Software Developer

Michał specialises in creating software for embedded systems and control algorithms.
Maciej Dziewiecki2

Maciej Dziewiecki
Mechanical and Thermal Engineer

Maciej is by passion an engineer and creator of things that enable pushing back the frontiers. He is experienced in mechanical design, precision mechanical engineering, cryogenics and thermal engineering, aeronautics, vacuum technologies, and machinery testing.



New dimension of global data transfer with benefit for humanity.


Owing to the state-of-the-art achievements in science and technology and owing to our passion, we are already creating a future for interpersonal communication, education, and the management of Earth's resources.